Our house beer ‘Phipps IPA’ is always available.

Brewed to an authentic 1930s recipe, is a golden beer relying solely on the pale ale malt in its grist for its colour. The classic blend of Goldings and Fuggles hops gives the characteristic English ale flavours to this full-bodied beer. The balance of bitterness and sweetness, allied to a smooth hoppy after-taste, creates a most drinkable pint and our flagship brew.

THE iconic Northamptonshire pint, brewed to suit the tastes and water of the county, it was originally a stronger India Pale Ale strength at 4.8%. Its reduction to 4.3% during the First World War opened up the beer to a wider audience. The ale was taken to the hearts of the county’s shoe workers as its hoppy flavour and bitterness cut through the tannin rich leather aroma that cordwainers spent their working days inhaling.

We always have 5/6 cask ales available. They are all served using gravity straight from the barrel, meaning no beers lines, allowing the beer to always be of the highest quality. The options will always include….

Phipps IPA

1 Golden Session Beer – 4% or lower

1 Stong Golden Beer – 4.8% or higher

1 Best Bitter

1 Black Beer (Milds, Porters, Stouts etc)



We have 3 regular real ciders on hand pull. These are served chilled for a perfect serve. They are all brewed less than 2 miles away in the village of Welton. The 4th tap serves a variety of Perrys & Fruit Ciders.